It is often said that it is lonely at the top.  Some executives feel isolated, and that they do not get real feedback or support from others.  I offer support, and will be a confidential thought partner, as you think through what you need to do to be even more successful and happier.



I have found that many managers could improve in essential skills of relating to others.  This deficit makes it difficult to manage others and can negatively impact morale and job satisfaction for the manager and their direct reports.  I coach managers to understand more about their reports and better motivate and inspire them to higher productivity.  I also assist managers in matters of self awareness and self control so that they better understand how they impact others (positively and negatively).     



Often, companies like to promote from within.  In fact, of the companies surveyed for the book “Good to Great” (by Jim Collins) all but one of the most successful companies did promote from within resulting in companies that evolved from “Good to Great”.  I assess Leaders  to uncover areas of development and coach these leaders to better exhibit necessary leadership practices and characteristics. 


TEAM DEVELOPMENT                           

Teams sometimes have difficulty working together to achieve goals.  Team members may lack understanding and acceptance of each others’ varied styles of approaching work tasks and relating to others.  There may even be direct or indirect conflicts brewing amongst team members; these conflicts can interfere with successful accomplishment of team goals.  I work with team members, assessing strengths, areas of development and assisting members to understand and accept how their own styles may be different from others and how to better work together.



As a Psychologist, I am skilled in utilizing assessments. I utilize assessments in Coaching to identify and target strengths as well as areas of development.  Clients find this information useful and interesting and the assessment information is helpful in setting the coaching goals and agenda.   Assessments may also serve as a pre and post measure of functioning and development.


Are there individual performance issues? Or perhaps your organization could benefit from an objective assessment from peers, direct reports and supervisors to measure employee(s) effectiveness. I can design a customized 360 feedback instrument for your organization. I also am skilled in the Bar-on Emotional Intelligence assessment and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.



I assist employees to work through conflicts and issues which divide them and impede productivity and effectiveness.  Sometimes there may be conflicts between a supervisor and direct report or between peers/ co-workers.  These conflicts should be resolved for  better work performance.and a more functional organization.  



Sometimes employees have a poor work-life balance.  This may result in employees appearing more stressed, unhappy, and having more absences from work. I coach employees to achieve a better work-life balance which will assist them to function more productively when at work, and they will derive more satisfaction, rejuvenation, and enjoyment in their personal lives.


I assist individuals to discover their purpose and mission, and to connect to a career that reflects personal strengths and values.  We spend a lot of hours at work; It is important to find work that is satisfying and meaningful.


I assist business owners (including small businesses and Entrepreneurs) to design and implement action plans to grow their businesses.  Together we work towards making your business more successful, satisfying, and rewarding.


This service encompasses many areas of focus based on individual agendas and needs including building self confidence, relationship coaching, life transition coaching, wellness/health, self awareness and self management, and many other issues.




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