What are some examples of coaching goals?

˛      Act more decisively

˛      Be less dominating

˛      Manage time effectively

˛      Delegate more frequently

˛      Value diversity

˛      Create alliances

˛      Decrease micromanaging

˛      Develop strengths, manage weaknesses

˛      Bolster collaboration

˛      Build effective teams

˛      Increase confidence

˛      Become a more effective communicator 


What happens in the Coaching Process?

Through the coaching process we’ll work together towards your success and do it “ASAP” to:

˛      Assess Needs

˛      Set a coaching agenda (Goals)

˛      Action plan

˛      Provide feedback and support for change


What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence refers to how well we understand ourselves, understand others, relate with others, and cope with daily demands.  Emotional intelligence is a better predictor of success than the more traditional measures of IQ.


Can coaching help me gain emotional intelligence?

Yes.  Emotional intelligence can be formally assessed by a coach, and then areas of development targeted in an action plan usually resulting in improvement in these areas and an increase in emotional intelligence.